Friday, February 22 2019

We truly believe that all children should have access to quality education and care in a warm and welcoming environment. 

At Columba Cottage we:

Offer safe, secure facilities

Columba Cottage is secured by a boom gate and keypad entry gate. Families are issued with access codes once they have enrolled with the Centre.

Digital kiosks are located in the reception area, making the process of signing your children in and out of the Centre each day quick, easy and secure.

Promote healthy eating messages during mealtimes

At Columba Cottage we provide a fresh and varied fruit & vegetable platter for morning tea.

We serve your home packed meals and ask that lunch boxes encourage the development of healthy eating habits.

Parents have the opportunity to order fresh, nutritious canteen food during school terms. View our canteen menu here.

We are a nut and egg aware Centre due to known medical conditions.

Regularly communicate with families

We use Storypark, a secure communication platform that provides insights to your child’s day. Our educators not only share precious moments but also provide regular learning stories based on parent feedback, interests and identified areas for growth. Parents control their child’s digital footprint (Storypark does not own your data) and can decide who has access to their child’s information. Cottage Chatter is issued once a week to keep families informed of any upcoming events or changes.

Offer extra curricular activities – Rugby Tots, Sprockets & Swimming

Extra curricular activities are offered once per week during school terms for an additional charge. A maximum of 12 children are escorted by qualified educators to swimming and Sprockets on the Columba Cottage bus. Rugby Tots is only a short walk away as it is run on the school oval.

Provide co-curricular activities – STEAM

STEAM is a dance based music and movement program that is offered free of charge to children in the Bilby, Platypus, Kangaroo & Emu rooms. The day each class attends rotates throughout the year to optimise opprotunties for all children to participate. Children take a short walk across to the performing arts centre to access the dance studios for these sessions.

Offer incursions & excursions

Children are offered a variety of learning opportunities throughout the year as they engage with the wider community. For example, ABC and Science days, Emergency Service Personnel, Health professionals

Celebrate a range of special days

We regularly endeavour to raise awareness for charities and organisations.

Dress up days are often used to celebrate special days in recognition of the diversity of cultures and traditions within in our Centre.

Offer fee assistance

Aboriginal scholarships and Assistance scholarships are available. The criteria that applies to these scholarships can be discussed with the Centre Director.