Our preschoolers are running, jumping, kicking and practising other basic movements that will enable them to learn more specific sport techniques in their Primary years.

Our Kangaroo Room Leader, Cameron Jones, has created a Fundamental Movement Skills program which is be provided on a daily basis to all preschool aged children. While the program primarily focuses on the development of fundamental movement skills, it will also embed important social skills such as cooperation and teamwork, a sense of belonging, appreciation of different abilities and respect for teammates.

I believe movement difficulties experienced by children at this age sometimes get overlooked or not considered as important as other areas in their learning.

Various warm-up exercises, games and activities are planned for a part of each day that focus on developing skills such as catching, throwing, kicking, running, skipping and hopping.

Cameron is focussing on developing the ability to work with others in a team environment. This will become beneficial when many begin to take part in team sports in the early years of school.

Children will benefit from physical, social and emotional health outcomes such as a higher level of physical activity, a better likelihood of maintaining a healthy weight, higher self esteem, better self confidence and more motivation to participate in games and sports.

Columba Cottage families are excited for the additions to the program, Chris Walker, father to Asha in the Kangaroo room says,

I like that my daughter can participate in dancing and gross motor movement programs during the day at preschool, it’s great that she’s developing skills for sport and dance for later on. Plus, it gives us more quality time with her on the weekends as we no longer need to take her to those lessons.

This exciting program is run at no extra cost during the day at Columba Cottage. and we’ll be in touch within two working days to arrange.