Golden moments with Deanna in the Platypus Room

Deanna has been educating at Columba Cottage for the past eight years. She lives out on a big property and our friends are very lucky to have had visits from some of her farm animals.

Deanna’s farm friends visit the Cottage.

Deanna’s goal for her room this year is to have her friends be the best they can be.

“This year we want to really challenge the children and find where the opportunities are for growth,” says Deanna.

The eight-week program has been instrumental in identifying these opportunities as the Platypus room has begun exploring gross motor skills.

“It has been really good to see that some children have a strength in one area and then we find they have room to grow in another,” says Deanna.

Deanna’s favourite time at the Cottage is when her friends get to break off into group time.

“It is great because some of our children who are really shy, when we get into our small groups and do role-playing, all of a sudden they have become someone else and you see a whole different side of them and that is what I love about it,” says Deanna.

With the Platypus room being home to mostly three to four-year-old children Deanna has been witness to growing independence in her friends’ thoughts.

“They are becoming quite funny now. We have actually just added a page to our program book called ‘gold moments’ that we don’t want to forget,” says Deanna.