We’re all on the same page, and you’re in control

Storypark is an app which enables us to share notices, events, newsletters, reminders or group stories with parents and caregivers. All Columba Cottage families have access so that you can follow your child’s learning journey as well as revisit treasured memories whenever and wherever you like. Parents are the administrators of their child’s account so you’re able to invite family and friends to follow, comment and engage in your child’s learning – perfect for families and friends who live overseas! You can access your account from the website or through the app.

You’re in control

Though our educators can access your child’s Storypark account to upload information and insights, you as the parents are always completely in control of the information shared. You get to decide who may access your child’s Storypark account to witness their learning and development journey. You may decide to keep that information private between yourself, your spouse, and your child’s educators. However you could also decide to allow other people in your child’s life (such as grandparents) to access that information.

Our educators are not the only ones who can upload content to your child’s Storypark community. Anyone with access to your child’s account can add photos, videos, and commentary on your child’s development, for example, your child’s grandparents can upload a video of them reading together if they are watching your child for the weekend.

Observations keep us all on the same page

Every child receives regular individual Learning Stories in Storypark which allow parents and educators to share documents, videos and pictures in order to strengthen the connection between parents and their children’s education. It’s easy to see each child’s progression and unique interests and parents can respond as soon as content is uploaded. Most importantly,  our educators really appreciate receiving parental comments on either observations or on the daily posts.  

I love the instant notifications. I get a quick picture showing me that Rocky is enjoying himself, and that gives me peace of mind during my workday!” Emma, Mum to Rocky in the Possum Room

Storypark is perfect for two-way communication

If you’d like to share milestones or concerns with your child’s educators or just comment on the daily happenings in the rooms we’d love you to do so. Our educators really do appreciate your comments.

For our Observations, we send a Storypark message that informs families of our current ‘focus area’. At this point we will also encourage families to think about this focus area and identify any possible goals that we can assist them in achieving based around this goal. A simple example could include “Angelina finds sharing lego with her brother a huge challenge” or “Tommy often becomes upset but does not appear to have the language or ability to verbalise what is upsetting him and why. What can you suggest?”

Families can provide feedback and insight by clicking on the conversation button on the top right hand corner of the Storypark phone app or by doing the same on their desktop. This will ensure the goals and feedback given by the families is private.

Educators will observe the child and from this observation set an individual goal, if we have not been provided with input from families. In the weeks proceeding this we will provide a range of opportunities that will assist each child in developing the ability to achieve the goal.

At the end of the 8 week period families will receive a completed Observation that shows the progress their child has made over this period.

If you’d like any assistance with using Storypark, please ask one of our friendly admin staff or a room educator.