Jo is, in some ways, the face of Columba Cottage. She knows every parent, relative and child by name and always greets our families with a big smile right through from 6:30am!

Jo has been at Columba Cottage for seven years, starting in the rooms before moving to an administration position. Jo says that she has loved seeing the children that she cared for when they were babies, go right through the Centre and see them go off to “big school” at St Columba.

When asked what she loves most about Columba Cottage, Jo of course answered the families and the children. Her favourite part of the day is the mornings, when she is able to greet each child as they arrive at the Centre, many of whom fondly call her ‘Jo Jo’.

Working anywhere for so long comes with many amusing stories and memorable moments. For Jo it was a recent event that comes to mind when, exhausted from a busy day of work, she accidentally sat on a knife from her lunchbox when getting into her car! Jo came back in to the office, and was very embarrassed to have to ask Centre Director, Susanna, to “assess the damage.” Sutures were required!

Being friendly, welcoming and the bright and bubbly face of Columba Cottage is only part of what Jo does in a day. An extremely hard and busy worker, everyone is grateful for the warm welcome Jo has for every family, every morning!