Kate’s Koala Room is off to a fantastic 2019

Leading the Koala Room in 2019 is Kate!

Kate has been an early childhood educator for 15 years and is loving the new opportunity to work with our babies.

When Kate isn’t at the Cottage she loves spending time with her family swimming at the beach or in the river.

Kate’s favourite activity at Columba Cottage is watching our babies play with ‘loose parts’.

“Loose parts are open-ended resources. Some of our babies’ favourite are plastics cups and bracelets. It is so interesting seeing the way that they engage with things that we would otherwise not consider toys,” says Kate.

This year Kate will be leading the Koala Room using the ‘Key Educator Approach’ where educators are responsible to care for a set group of children.

“The Key Educator approach is good for building relationships and easing separation anxiety for babies,” says Kate.

Life in the Koala room is off to a fantastic start in 2019 and Kate is excited to watch her friends grow.

“We are really lucky that we have a fantastic group of children. They are all really settled and happy. It is just a pleasure to come to work every day because they are just so beautiful,” says Kate.

Kate’s goal for her room this year is to ensure families are happy and feel safe to leave their children in the Koala Room.

“We just want to make sure that their children are loved while they are here and for the children to feel the same way.”