Katie Leads the Emu Room to Primary School

Katie has been at Columba Cottage for four years now and loves getting creative with her room.

“It is amazing to see their initiative in any task we give them. They follow their own ideas and they always come up with some really great things. I think they’re way more creative than me,” says Katie.

Katie who loves sport and getting outdoors hopes to bring some fun to the Emu room in 2019.

“We are focusing on school readiness but we are also having fun and learning from their interests. It’s not just about our set programs, we are also building their social and emotional skills so they can have a really great transition to Primary School,” says Katie.

This year the Emu Room will be running rotations on different areas of learning and development with the final 8 weeks of the year being a school transition program.

“Basically, we focus on getting them ready for school with visits across to St Columba, talking about school, reading books and teaching them the expectations of a primary school classroom. It’s all to get ready for that big change next year,” says Katie.