In celebration of Child Protection Week, children at Columba Cottage were treated to a day focused on personal safety with visits from the Bravehearts Education Team and the local police and fire brigade to provide our children with the knowledge of how to stay safe in emergencies and in a range of situations from bullying to sexual assault.

In an interactive show, Ditto from Bravehearts educated Columba Cottage and St Columba Anglican School children on all aspects of personal safety to prevent them from a crime which affects more than 60,000 children in Australia each year.

Firefighters showed children how to dial 000 in an emergency and how to Get Down Low and Go, Go, Go; and that when you Get Down Low and Go Go Go you must not worry about your toys and pets because the firefighter will go back in and save them as he or she will be wearing protective clothing. They also discussed identifying a ‘safety meeting point’ with Mum and Dad. 

Importantly, they learned that firefighters and police officers are nice and friendly, so they should definitely not hide from them in an emergency. Our children especially enjoyed touring the fire truck and police vehicles. Police officers turned on their siren which may just have been the highlight of the day!

Ruins Cafe in Lake Innes catered lunch for children and their parents. Ruins generously donated their time and their profits to Bravehearts’ cause to protect our children.

Held annually during Child Protection Week (Sep 3-9), White Balloon Day is on Friday 8 September this year. It is Bravehearts’ key awareness and fundraising event designed to help prevent a crime which affects more than 60,000 children every year. Visit the Bravehearts website to find out how you can help protect our children.