Kerrianne Leads the Kangaroo Room in 2019

Kerrianne joins the Columba Cottage team with a wealth of experience and expertise in the early childhood education industry.

Starting as a trainee, Kerrianne built her childhood education qualifications and went on to further study at university. Kerrianne has 10 years experience in Special Education and supporting early learning centres. Now in 2019, Kerrianne takes on the “fun, noisy, creative” Kangaroo room.

Outside of the Cottage Kerrianne enjoys water sports, spending time with her family, the beach and playing with her Labrador Bella.

Kerrianne loves the group discussions and thought-provoking conversations our friends have at Columba Cottage.

“The general spontaneous conversations you hear outside or the timing the kids have when they have to tell you something, I find that really enjoyable,” says Kerrianne.

Kerrianne’s goal for her room this year is to have our friends who are leaving for school ready for Primary School and those who are staying on for another year further refine their skills.

“We are focusing on areas with an 8-week turn around, our first one focusing on fine motor where we will refine, enhance and encourage development in that area as well as participating in our Pre-Lit(eracy) and ELLA French program,” says Kerrianne.

Welcome to Columba Cottage Kerrianne!