Jenna knows everything there is to know about Columba Cottage. She knows all about our policies, procedures, people and each and every child enrolled at the centre.

As Assistant Director at Columba Cottage, she supports our Director, Susanna Christie, in ensuring that we meet compliance on a daily basis. Jenna also inspires and challenges our educators to develop and extend learning programs. Jenna also shows new families through the centre when they sign up for a tour.

How long have you been working at Columba Cottage?

I will have been with CCELC for 7 years in December. I started as the room leader of Platypus Room and followed that group of children through to the Emu Room. Once that particular cohort had transitioned to school my roles and responsibilities ‘off the floor’ increased.

What does your job entail?

As an Assistant Director I support Susanna in maintaining our regulatory requirements. I’m also an Educational Leader where I support and liaise with educators to develop and implement learning programs.

What is the strangest thing that you’ve found yourself doing here at Columba Cottage?

I took Maggie, an educator who HATES needles, to emergency because she thought she had been bitten by a spider. She was more worried about the possibility of needing ‘a needle’ than the poisonous spider bite! Hilarious!

What do you absolutely love doing when you’re not at work?

A busy toddler certainly consumes most of my time outside of work but I am fortunate that he enjoys to help in the kitchen and garden, two things I love to do. The simple act of preparing dinner turns into an amazing learning opportunity as we prepare pizza dough, sprinkle the toppings across the pizza and then garnish with fresh herbs we have collected from the garden. The challenge is getting Jett back inside with the herbs but minus our dog!

What advice would you give to someone starting out in Early Childhood?

The world of Early Childhood is challenging. It requires flexibility, resilience and patience as you support and nurture up to 25 children per day, all of whom have different needs and agendas. At the same time you are working with your team to juggle all the responsibilities that are required of you each day.

A job in Early Childhood can be physically and emotionally draining, you finish your day totally exhausted however these feelings disappear as ten little people knock you over with a hug and a big cheery hello as you arrive to start the day.  

What is your favourite part of the day at Columba Cottage?

The warm embraces from the children as you walk through any of the classroom doors!