Katie and Kerrianne run our pre-school rooms, the Emu and Kangaroo rooms. As part of our school preparation program, these rooms run Pre-Lit.

PreLit is an early literacy preparation program which they facilitate in small groups where we feel the children have the greatest opportunity to learn the most from each lesson.

Each lesson is quite repetitive in the teaching methods, which is a key learning aid as the children practice and, over time, grow a greater understanding of it.

The program teaches the children about all aspects of literacy, including concepts of written and spoken words, syllable identification, letter sounds, beginning sounds, rhyming, end sounds, oral blending of words and segmenting words.

These are all introduced to the children through fun activities, playing games, and is very interactive to help them learn to read when they go to school.

Both the Emu and Kangaroo rooms run Pre-lit daily.