Shaleisha follows her friends to the Possum Room

Shaleisha has been an educator for 7 years at Columba Cottage and in 2019 will be leading the Possum Room.

Shaleisha loves a good weekend away camping with friends and her favourite book is Going on a Bear Hunt especially because you can make it interactive with actions!

To begin the year Shaleisha aims to settle her friends in and get them used to routine, however, she also has a long-term goal for her Possum Room.

“Hopefully I can move up with this group and see them off to school. A couple of years ago I saw a group all the way through to graduation so it would be nice to do that again, it is really rewarding,” says Shaliesha.

This year’s Possum group is different, diverse and fun. Shaliesha particularly enjoys free play with her friends in the room.

“You can really see them as individuals as they move through the environment. I like structured play, but the non-structured play is also great for their development,” says Shaleisha.

We look forward to seeing what Shaleisha and her Possum Room friends achieve in 2019.