Ashan is a new member of the Columba Cottage community, starting this year as a casual and then taking over a maternity leave position in the Emu Room.

Interested in sustainable living, Ashan has been fostering discussions with the children about the importance of caring for our environment and the impact it has on us as humans. An interesting conversation Ashan has sparked with the preschoolers was about what trees do to clean the carbon out of the air which we breathe and live in.

In the playground, Ashan has helped the children to make the garden beds, plant the seeds, water the seedlings and sweep the pathways to ensure the best life for our growing foods. So far, they have planted garlic, carrot, shallots, capsicum, passionfruit, snowpeas, thyme, parsley and chrysanthemum flowers! The children are loving the hands on and interactive experience of sustainability, and the opportunity to eat the food that they grow! The best part is using the water pump installed in the new preschool playground, using harvested water to fill their watering cans so that they can water the garden.

Ashan believes that it is important to teach sustainability to the children so that they can begin to have an appreciation for our environment, and so that they can begin to understand that it is up to us to take care of the environment.