Rachele is passionate about her occupation in early childhood. As an energised, enthusiastic and empowered educator, Rach does her best to give children a brighter future – she takes the role of providing a second home and learning opportunities very seriously.

Rachele patiently helps children solve their problems and provides activities that encourage children to explore and think things through. She believes in talking respectfully to children at children’s eye-level, especially as she assists them to develop self-regulation.  Rach also loves painting with her little ones and is often seen covered in some very bright colours. It’s nice that she’s not afraid to get messy!

Rachele builds great relationships with her families, often through her written observations which show a deep understanding of the child and their unique personality. Her humour and wittiness is often present in these observations and helps families to feel that their child is in a supportive, caring environment

As a role model and an effective team leader, Rach has been developing trust in those around her. This is her second year with the Possum’s  so she is able to provide assistance and be supportive to other staff in the room. Rach particularly likes it when educators suggest ideas, no matter how messy and she loves a bake-off or sharing naughty treats to build morale and reduce stress within the team.

Rach is a kind, caring soul who is always looking out for those around her.