After 11 years in the Port Macquarie area, Shaleisha has spent three years with the current cohort at Columba Cottage and many of them have moved together with her to the Bilby Room. Her passion for education and desire to do the best for all children is reflected in Sha’s happy face.  

She likes the gardens and grounds providing active and passive play areas, and the well-maintained play equipment areas. Sha dislikes coriander so we don’t grow it in the toddler garden!

Working with children requires many skills and strengths, some of which are acquired and others which are not. Child-care educators like Sha must demonstrate maturity and confidence in order to interact with children on their level, whilst providing a secure environment. 

“I enjoy working with children because I know that early education sets them up for life. Offering quality education and care helps both parents to return to work and children in their development. As they grow their little personalities start to shine and their language develops. They come up with some pretty funny stuff.”

Sha has great communication skills as she works with children and their parents. She also has loads of patience to cope with the normal demands of children and their care, and the willingness to accept responsibility for the health, safety and well-being of other people’s children.

Sha has a Mexican background and loves bungee jumping, hanging out with her dog, the beach, camping, travel and spending time with friends.

 The use of a wide range of age-appropriate toys to encourage a child’s development and stimulate creative, imaginative play is important to Sha. She has structured a Bilby schedule that includes plenty of time for physical activity, quiet time, group programs, and individual activities. With a new team in the Bilbies, Sha is anticipating the opportunities 2020 will bring.