Bec has been an educator at the Cottage for five years and this year is the leader of the Emu Room. When she is not working, Bec enjoys having coffee with her family and doing Crossfit.

 The favourite part of Bec’s day is hearing the children’s stories and seeing their imagination and creativity in action. She feels the Emu children have been amazing and settled into their new room with flying colours. This year the Emu Room team are striving toward all children feeling confident and excited about their days in preparation for school. Bec and her friends in the Emu Room are loving reading Roald Dahl books, however, her all-time favourite children’s book is “The Very Cranky Bear”.

The Emu Room children are preparing for school next year, doing pre-literacy and pre-numeracy activities and lots of play based learning.  Play is a context for learning through which children organise and make sense of their social worlds, as they actively engage with people, objects and representations.  Bec and her friends agree – play based learning is the best!