FullSteamAhead uses a dance-education approach to learning about science, technology, engineering, arts and maths concepts at an introductory and experimental level suitable for early learners aged two to five years.

Over the past four weeks, Columba Cottage friends have been inspired to wonder and explore how they might integrate movement into their learning about technologycoloursnumbers and toy designs.

Each week, our early learners engage in different learning activities, demonstrations and exercises. For example, they used motion capture technology to manipulate a robot on the screen in front of them; they played musical number games with castanets and integrated counting and numeral recognition into their dancing rhythms and patterns; and they investigated the features of different toy designs, applying the ideas of spinning, momentum, balance, springing and wheeling to their own movement. Our friends are encouraged to problem-solve and work together in their sessions at the Iona Performing Arts Centre.

In coming weeks, our early learners will be using movement and music to look at natural and man-made environments, building and construction and outer space. We can’t wait!